1. That would have been a damn good movie if that Nikki Benz would have kept her damn mouth shut. Geez girl.

  2. Maybe this is a weird thing to say, but I feel like this is one of the most well done scenes I’ve ever scene asthetically. From just enough story to actually set up to the clothes they are all wearing and the variety of positions. Not to mention how these are in my opinion like two of the hottest people alive. I dunno. Just like, for porn, this was remarkably well done.

  3. This is Evelyn Claire’s very First Scene, Vixen’s "Preferred Treatment"! Find this at Vixen,,com or DVD Vixen Young Fantasys 2. Evelyn Claire is amazing as the sexy Teacher’s Aid who wants a "Better" letter of recommendation". and she will be "Friendly" with her Professor to get it! Very Hot Stuff!

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